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High End Finishes on Your Home Remodel: Yay or Nay?

High End Finishes on Your Home Remodel: Yay or Nay?

Comerio Corporation Bathroom RemodelYou see it all the time when you’re flipping through the channels and get captivated by whatever home remodeling show is on. These kitchen remodels feature shiny faucets and stoves and even handles on cabinets that are installed with seemingly no regard for the cost of the actual item (of course, there might not be on some of these shows as the advertising alone makes it worth it to just give away the appliances).

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for some), when you remodel your kitchen or your bathroom or your basement or whatever room of your house, you’re not on television. That means no appliance maker has any interest in giving you a freebie. So the question becomes whether or not you should spring for the high-end finishes you see on television all the time.

You’re probably looking for a bold proclamation here. Sorry. The answer is maybe.

You really have to think about a couple things before you decide what direction you want to go with your finishes.

Are you remodeling to move or for you to enjoy for years to come?
If you’re remodeling for yourself, keep in mind that high end finishes are high end for a reason. They look great and work fantastically. This is certainly a place to cut back on your budget a little if need be, but if you’ve got the money, it’s hard to turn down the good stuff. .

If you’re remodeling to move, you don’t necessarily need the best finishes to make your remodeled rooms look great. Having a top of the line faucet won’t raise your resale value enough to make it worth the extra money it would take. Make sure everything looks and works great, but it doesn’t have to be top of the line. Of course, there is an exception to that.

Where do you live?
If you’re remodeling to move out of a high end subdivision, you don’t have a choice. When home buyers are making an investment of the magnitude they’d be making with a home in a neighborhood that skews more expensive, everything is vital. Buyers and inspectors will look at everything, so you don’t want to get caught with a lower cost range top that may not be as nice as every other listing in the neighborhood. If the area doesn’t support the high end finishes, though, there’s no reason to put out the extra money for them that you won’t even be enjoying.

Once you’ve thought through this, it really comes down to personal preference. The saying goes that you get what you pay for, and that’s true. The higher end finishes often work better, look better and last longer. That doesn’t mean that finishes that are a little less expensive won’t be a great fit for your home. It’s important in a home remodel to do what makes you comfortable, and that includes financially. The best renovations are the ones that make you happy and comfortable with your decisions. Keep that in mind, and any remodel will be smooth sailing.

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